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CallCentreJobz totally specialises in this sector. We deal with Contact Centre’s every day to help them fill their vacancies and many of these jobs are never advertised.


Part Time Call Centre Jobs

We deal with full time and part time call centre jobs, so please make sure you register today. At any one time there are thousands of vacancies in the UK.


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As soon as you register you will also be given a free career personality report. This uses the same system that employers use and it will hep you prepare for your next interview.

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Call Centre Jobs In Your Area

This site is dedicated exclusively to helping you land call centre jobs. Not only that it provides you with lots of support to help you land your ideal call centre job.

There are jobs all across the UK, so whether you are looking for call centre jobs in Glasgow or Call centre jobs in Edinburgh, make sure you register now.

The following areas have employers looking for staff;

Call centre jobs Glasgow

Call centre jobs Edinburgh


Call centre jobs Dunfermline

Call centre Jobs Lanarkshire

Call centre jobs Liverpool

Call centre jobs Newcastle

No experience necessary

Many of our clients will provide you with all the training you need, so even if you have no previous experience working in a call centre, you still stand a good chance of landing the job. So if this is your first job out of college or your first job out of school, there is still a good chance you will get your start.

Most employers will put you through a mandatory training course when you start. This can be anything from one week long to four weeks long. Employers have already resigned to training you in everything you need to know to do the job.

If you have done it all before then you will still learn something as no two places of work are identical.

Inbound Call Centre Jobs

Although many of the roles are outbound sales roles there are of course plenty of inbound call centre jobs available too. So even if you don’t see yourself as a “salesperson”, you may still find a job you enjoy by dealing with inbound calls.

Inbound calls bring their own challenges. You may find yourself delivering technical support as part of a tech support team. This can be quite challenging and you will have to go through a lot of technical training in addition to your standard training.

Inbound call centre jobs can also be dealing with customer complaints, so you may have to handle some upset or even angry customers as part of the job role.

Part Time Call Centre Jobs

There are many part time jobs available too and flexible hours to work around your lifestyle. Perhaps you have a young family or maybe you are studying; more and more employers offer very flexible hours to suit.

Contact centres are probably among the most flexible when it comes to hours. They are geared up to deal with all sorts of scenarios. Many have been employing full time students and so are used to having to work around their course timetable.

And of course if you want to go full time then there is usually an opportunity to do just that.

Call Centre Manager Jobs

If you have a lot of experience and are looking for a management position then we have contact centres that would like to talk to you.

This is still a relatively young industry, in that it hardly existed just twenty years ago. But as customer service becomes increasingly important, the industry is maturing and the variety of roles including senior roles is also expanding.

There are more and more manager roles, so there have never been a better time to look for call centre manager jobs.

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How It Works

As soon as you register we start to look for a match between your profile and our clients requirements. CallCentreJobz uses advanced technology, that is not available anywhere else.

One of our unique features is our ability to take your personality type into consideration. Regardless of your personality type we will have employers who are looking for exactly that.

Other factors we take into account is your proximity to the place of work. We do not expect you to move home for this job, so please tell us where you are based. There are some jobs that let you work from home and therefore your location doesn’t matter, although you usually need a good internet connection for these.

This is not a job board. We will display come job adverts to illustrate the kind of roles we work with but you will not have to waste your time searching through pages of job adverts. We do all the matchmaking and searching on your behalf.

Recruitment is changing and this software is accelerating that change.

About The Industry

There are over one million people employed in contact centres in the UK and this is a billion dollar industry. Many people get their first job in these kind of roles.

There are over five thousands workplaces in the UK and increasingly there are opportunities to work from home. The technology has developed so that as long as you have a decent internet connection you may access everything you would normally use to work via your browser.

So regardless of where you are located, there is a good chance you can find an opportunity within this industry. CCA- Global is the UK trade association representing the call and contact centres.